Posts I Want To Write

I’m using my inaugural post as a convenient index of topics I’d like to write about. Listed in no particular order, these are:

  • A Comparison of Singularity With Similar Technologies Such as OpenVZ, LXD, Intel Clear Containers and LightVM.
  • A More Generalized Exploration of Modern Tooling in Scientific Computing
  • The Role of the Scientist Historically vs. the Modern Role of the Scientist with an emphasis on the idiosyncrasies in scientific professional culture that persist for legacy reasons.
  • Creating Minimalistic Linux Distributions for Emulating Older Architectures
  • A Philosophical Treatment of Scientific Reproducibility with a particular focus on convergence (as per CFEngine / math).
  • Using Infrastructure as Code (Ansible) and CWL for Reproducible Workflows
  • How to Translate the Culture and Tooling of Electronic Musicians (via flow-based programming tools like Max) to the Scientific and Library Fields
  • An Overview of the Various Ways to Add Metadata to Arbitrary Digital Files