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In a past life, I worked on psycholinguistic research as a member of the Language, Action and Brain Lab. This experience inspired me to write textgridR, an R package that allows you to load in Praat TextGrid files and manipulate them as R objects. Praat is an application used by linguists to perform phonetic analysis and annotate speech.

As an individual “recovering” from the research world, I enjoy continuing to contribute to the scientific computing community whenever possible. I accomplish this by trying to stay involved in open science and citizen science initiatives. One example of this would be running distributed computing projects on the BOINC platform or Folding@home. The badges below indicate which projects I run and how many credits I’ve accrued.

My BOINC stats are temporarily out of order.

My Folding@Home stats are temporarily out of order.

Furthermore, when learning new technologies (or reviewing old ones), I strive to create example code/configurations that could feasibly re-used by the scientific community. A recent attempt at creating Vagrantfiles that set up a Sun Grid Engine cluster for various platforms is emblematic of this variety of project.