In a past life, I worked on psycholinguistic research as a member of the Language, Action and Brain Lab. This experience inspired me to write textgridR, an R package that allows you to load in Praat TextGrid files and manipulate them as R objects. Praat is an application used by linguists to perform phonetic analysis and annotate speech.

As an individual “recovering” from the research world, I enjoy continuing to contribute to the scientific computing community whenever possible. I accomplish this by trying to stay involved in open science and citizen science initiatives. One example of this would be running distributed computing projects on the BOINC platform. The badge below indicates which of these projects I run and how many credits I’ve accrued.

If you're using a text browser, you can't see my running totals for BOINC, but I guarantee I am kicking ass at using up electricity.

Furthermore, when learning new technologies (or reviewing old ones), I strive to create example code/configurations that could feasibly re-used by the scientific community. A recent attempt at creating Vagrantfiles that set up a Sun Grid Engine cluster for various platforms is emblematic of this variety of project.